The mission is digital passion

Stuttgart: cradle of the automobile, TIPP-KICK table-top soccer, and the German effervescent candy, Ahoj Brause. It’s also home to the Internet agency, hydra newmedia. Not a bad breeding ground for innovative client concepts and creative technology designed to delight users.



We‘re a digital media agency, nestled in the German city of Stuttgart since 2006. Our desks are manned by about 30 full-time employees plus a lot of of freelancers, all contributing to projects from their different perspectives to develop creative solutions. We’re currently looking for more interesting recruits to occupy desks at hydra.


Whether it’s e-learning, client acquisition or customer loyalty, we are passionate about putting content in the perfect spotlight. The solutions we come up with can be inspirational software training, integrated campaigns, or multichannel Web strategies destined to maximize success. Work which has earned us an award or two.

Overview: Our core competencies

E-Learning solutions

Learning has to be fun, regardless of the context:
 Computer-Based Training (CBT), Web-Based Training (WBT), Learning Management Systems (LMSs), product training, software training, Scorm, Flash, HTML5
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Product experience

Products that come to life online: Launch campaigns, microsites, integrated campaigns, explorative storytelling, online events, product training
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Brand management

Portraying your company in the best light: Company websites, product campaigns, brand management, integrated brand communication, multichannel strategies, social media
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Responsive web design

Optimum presentation – regardless of the user device: Fluid responsive layouts, fluid design, multichannel Web strategies, 960 grid systems, browser optimization
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Apps & mobile applications

Making best use of the possibilities opened up by smartphones and tablets:
 Android applications, iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad, native applications, mobile Web strategies, multichannel optimization
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Trade marketing

B2B – turning the spotlight on trade partners: Mobilization campaigns, product training, sales promotions at the POS, brand loyalty, trade marketing, multichannel Web strategies
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hydra Partners: Give us a call

Frank Pomereinke

Managing Director

“Success means meeting if not exceeding the expectations clients have of us in terms of quality, schedules and budgets. It’s the only way to develop sustainable relationships.”

Martin Eymer

Creative Director

“The added value for users is central. The experience. The preparation of content. Usability. Excitement.”

Daniel Gebhard

Art Director

“Each product, each brand has its own character. Capturing this and reflecting it in the best possible way is the hallmark of good design.”

Markus Heckel

Director Interactive

“The Web is a place of constant change. It’s up to us to help shape these new developments.”

hydra network

In many projects, we cooperate with specialists from all fields – depending on the requirements. For translations and back end development, our long-time partners are smartspokes and Tricept.

Awards: A selection