The task

The introduction of a business software such as SAP ERP is challenging for many companies, the complex implementation being only the first step: For the success of the software it is equally important that the change is accepted by users throughout the company. And that they are trained as well as possible to use it. Classical training courses are important, but they can cover the training requirements only to a limited degree.

The solution

Through e-learning with live simulations, users can train their skills whenever and as often as they want. Further advantages:

  • The simulations offer a genuine, clickable “live experience”
  • The simulations show the software as it was customised for the company. With branding and all functional and design adjustments.
  • In the learning mode, users are guided with (audio) comments through the software.
  • In test mode, users need to click exactly as it was intended: learning by doing.
  • The simulations can be recorded and implemented in different languages.

The implementation

Simulations are possible for various software types. Here are a few reference examples:


For training relating to sophisticated software, real simulations are far superior to other e-learnings methods. High certification levels, positive user feedback and a low error rate in practical application demonstrate the quality of these training methods. The coordinated support through classroom training can further increase the learning success (blended learning).

For whom are e-learning courses with software simulations suitable?

  • Customising: For software that is specially customised, such as SAP
  • Certification: When it is important that users can operate the new software 100% and error-free (e.g. in the financial sector)
  • Number of users: These courses can also be profitable for less than 500 users
  • Standard software: For training relating to standard software such as Microsoft Office we do not recommend simulations, but the use of ready-made solutions.


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