A New Way of Learning and Working. E-learning Courses for the Digitalization

Digital transformation is one of the greatest challenges for our economy. Within the shortest time, these developments will cause massive changes in value chains and markets across all industry sectors. Almost everyone is talking about the importance of the digitalization, but concrete action is often missing, especially in terms of training employees for the digital transformation.

However, it’s people, not machines, who are the agents that bring about change. Human creativity and motivation are the forces that make change happen. This poses a great challenge to HR, staff development and training departments. After all, it’s their purpose to help an organization and its employees tackle new tasks and requirements. Accomplishing this goal takes as much professional expertise, media savvy and IT knowledge as it takes soft skills and self-learning competence.

A survey of German companies revealed that managers estimate that only 38% of their employees are sufficiently trained to face the digitalization.* Accordingly, companies are focusing on employee training to boost digital know-how and introduce agile methods.

* etventure study “Digital Transformation 2018″

In this context, digital ways of learning are especially important. These methods can improve company culture by making learning an integral part of daily working routines.

Which skills do employees need in the future in order to be prepared for digitization?


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