BayernLabo banking on “blended learning”

hydra develops integrated eLearning portal for BayernLabo
Stuttgart, 08.02.2013 – BayernLabo opts for Stuttgart agency hydra newmedia to implement its new eLearning portal.

BayernLabo is the development bank of BayernLB. As the organ of the Bavarian government’s housing policy, it is responsible for promoting housing and urban development in the Free State of Bavaria. BayernLabo also enjoys a strong position in terms of its business of lending to Bavarian state and local authorities and its AAA rating from Standard & Poor’s as an issuer on the capital market.

BayernLabo is currently engaged in the process of introducing a new, SAP-based financial software. A professional training programme is helping staff manage the change. The development bank has opted for an integrated learning concept (“blended learning”), which combines face-to-face training and eLearning components with one another and enables trainees to practise as often as they like. The concept is based on a bespoke training portal that consistently coordinates the various forms of learning: studying, communicating, informing and knowledge management. As a result, the staff are not just trained, they are highly motivated to work with the new software as well – thanks to a playful learning approach and other positive network effects.

About hydra newmedia:

hydra newmedia is a digital media agency. It specialises in online product experience, branding and retail communication. All across the sales cycle – from acquisition to customer loyalty – hydra primarily focuses on putting products centre stage. E-learning, too, can be a rewarding experience. Retailers around the world use hydra’s innovative online training for efficient product training and sales promotion – on the computer, tablet or smartphone.
hydra’s customers include Sony Mobile, Schuberth, Daimler, Toshiba, Infront Sports & Media, FIBT, Lunar Europe, Stepstone Solutions and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

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