Customer Experience Design

Brand and product experiences are perhaps the most important aspects for your customers. But these experiences are constantly evolving, as customers use many different channels and devices to access information and content. With the rise of the mobile web, users have grown more flexible, but at the same time more demanding. Therefore, the content you choose and the ways you optimize it for different media make a significant impact. This way, brands don’t just meet user expectations, but also unlock new opportunities.

Our solutions answer the following questions

  • What are the advantages of different channels and how can you combine them all into a harmonious and effective strategy?
  • Which channels and formats are the most relevant to your target group?
  • Which personalized services can be offered?
  • How can storytelling boost the brand experience for customers?
  • How can data and analytics help you understand your customers better?


Audi Compliance: Outsourcing

This interactive scenario offers employees a playful way to train how to deal with external staff.

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Daimler: Pilot project UX 2025

In this pilot project for Daimler, we are offering UX and design solutions for the mobility of the future.

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Daimler Robotaxi

From calling the vehicle to dropping it off at the destination, this app prototype (MVP) covers all use cases of autonomous carsharing.

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WMF: KITCHENminis® Kitchen appliance One for All

Used online and at POS, this product experience caters to both sales staff and customers.

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Evobus: CapaCity L

This app provides support for sales staff and customers during trade fairs and at POS. Product benefits become the center of attention.

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Sony Insider App

The insider app supplies Sony retailers with information about the latest products. For POS situations, the app offers explanatory simulations that help retailers persuade their customers.

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Garmin Product Navigator

Which GPS watch is right for me? This application helps resellers in their consultation at the POS, and supports a customer’s own product search online.

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Schubert S2 Explosion

Exploding 3D views show the new S2 motorcycle helmet in all its detail. This application works online as well as at the POS.

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