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A customer’s point-of-sale experience has a big impact on sales and brand perception. If the sales person is excited about the product to be sold, it’s much easier for them to influence customers. What matters in training sales staff is a motivating approach. This is the best way to impart enthusiasm for brands and products that will, in turn, persuade customers.

What is true for internal distribution also applies to retail. Retailers decide on an individual basis whether or not to complete an online product training. In the end, the most eye-catching and most motivating solutions win – and result in completed training sessions.

Our solutions answer the following questions

  • Which of the new sales and training methods support corporate goals?
  • What’s the best way to present product benefits online?
  • How can information be imparted while simultaneously changing users’ attitudes and behavior?
  • What’s the best way to support retailers in increasing sales at the POS?
  • How can a retailer’s brand loyalty be increased?


eBike sales training courses

Two storytelling-heavy training courses boost retailers‘ enthusiasm for the components of Bosch eBike Systems.

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HUAWEI: Experience bundle for retailers

From an offline demonstration box to a VR game – on a journey through Europe, retailers explore the innovations of the new HUAWEI P20 phones.

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Educational video: Beverage knowledge

In this animated video, beverage genius Gus guides learners through the world of beverages.

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Garmin Product Navigator

Which GPS watch is right for me? This application helps resellers in their consultation at the POS, and supports a customer’s own product search online.

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This tailor-made learning management system (LMS) for AIDA hosts the new e-learning courses also made by hydra.

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Evobus: CapaCity L

This app provides support for sales staff and customers during trade fairs and at POS. Product benefits become the center of attention.

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Depot: Heartbeat

Awarded the “E-Learning Award”, this training offers game-based learning on smartphones. A fun way to enhance service and sales skills.

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Costa: A Sea Voyage of Discovery

Travel agents get to learn everything about the Costa fleet and products on six exciting routes. Awarded the “E-Learning Award” in the category Gamification.

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HUGO BOSS: 7 Steps to Sales Success

In this interactive web-based training, sales associates learn how to persuade customers by offering unique shopping experiences, individualized consulting, and outstanding service.

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Sony Insider app

The insider app supplies Sony retailers with information about the latest products. For POS situations, the app offers explanatory simulations that help retailers persuade their customers.

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