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Dynamic and flexible: Responsive Design

hydra develops new campaign website for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Stuttgart – June 12, 2012. Advertising agency hydra newmedia is realizing more and more cross-device web projects. Responsive web design adapts to the different needs of a wide variety of devices. It thus unfailingly delivers the optimal user experience whilst simultaneously lowering the cost of maintaining an online presence. The benefits were enough to convince Trelleborg Sealing Solutions too: hydra has now created the website for the Rubore® Seals campaign entirely in responsive design.

Modern online marketing has to satisfy exacting requirements: after all, in the days of tablet PCs and smartphones, users are more mobile and flexible than ever before. And because screen resolution can vary considerably between a laptop and a PC, tablet computer, smartphone or television, the look, feel and usability of a website depend on the type of terminal used. In the past, these differences caused marketing specialists quite a headache – and sometimes put a huge strain on their marketing budgets. Now help is at hand: responsive web design factors in the specific requirements of each device and automatically optimises the display and navigation elements for the respective terminal.

Instead of the hitherto common practice of optimising fixed screen resolutions or font sizes by means of pixel data, responsive design works with relative values. As a result, the various elements of the website, such as images, are always given the optimal percentage of the layout in any screen resolution. A suit that always fits. Instead of lots of different websites, there is now only one – one that adapts to the user. Besides enhancing the consistency of the corporate design, this also dramatically lowers the cost of maintaining the online presence: at the end of the day, there is now only one website to be taken care of.
Markus Heckel, one of hydra’s directors, explains the benefits:

We’re currently in the midst of a rapid shift towards mobile, individual and flexible internet usage. The number of terminals with different sizes and screen resolutions is increasing all the time. As a result, people’s expectations of the websites’ functionality on the various mobile devices are growing too. Responsive design is the perfect solution for catering to this dynamism.

Dynamism and innovativeness have made Trelleborg Sealing Solutions a world leader in the field of precision seals and bearings. In its marketing activities too, innovation is thus a key theme for the company, which has a workforce of 5,400 and is represented in more than 50 countries all over the world. Bang on time for the Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Trelleborg is now showcasing its Rubore® Seals with a web presence consistently executed in responsive design.

Tobias Schmid, Manager Global Marketing & Communications at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions:

Especially in view of the sharp increase in mobile internet usage, combined with the viral approach of the campaign, it was important to us to ensure optimal usability of the microsite – even on mobile devices. As a result, it didn’t take hydra long to convince us of the benefits of responsive design. The advantages in terms of the usability, consistency and costs of the website are obvious. And when it came to the rapid and successful implementation of the idea, we could totally depend on the experience and superb quality of our partner hydra. It was the right step at the right time.

About hydra newmedia:

hydra newmedia is a digital media agency. It specialises in online product experience, branding and retail communication. All across the sales cycle – from acquisition to customer loyalty – hydra primarily focuses on putting products centre stage. E-learning, too, can be a rewarding experience. Retailers around the world use hydra’s innovative online training for efficient product training and sales promotion – on the computer, tablet or smartphone.
hydra’s customers include Sony Mobile, Schuberth, Daimler, Toshiba, Infront Sports & Media, FIBT, Lunar Europe, Stepstone Solutions and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

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