“It’s people who drive business success.”
E-learning has become a decisive factor in staff training and employee development. It’s all about establishing a motivational learning culture that caters to all employees. Every person in a company is empowered and enabled to improve their skills and knowledge. Standard learning content, such as product training, compliance, or sales training, can be turned into highly-stimulating e-learning adventures. Creativity-powered principles, including storytelling and gamification, result in significantly greater learning success and higher levels of user motivation when compared to established methods.

E-learning campaigns: Get users motivated

To activate as many users as possible for our trainings, we’ve developed various campaigns. For optional courses, large numbers of users have seen the value of participation, while mandatory courses have resulted in higher levels of user motivation and learning success.Our activation strategy includes various options from customized mailings and newsletters, to social media campaigns, rewards and social incentives.

Martin Eymer, Managing Partner / Creative Director

Typically, we’re working on solutions for questions like

  • How can you introduce e-learning into your company?
  • What does it take for a digital e-learning course to excite and motivate learners?
  • How can you not only impart theoretical knowledge, but also change user mindset and behavior in positive ways?
  • What role will e-learning play at the intersection of recruiting, staff retention and training?
  • What are the technical requirements for integrating e-learning?
  • How can e-learning campaigns be structured, especially, if participation is not mandatory?


Deutsche Bahn: Benefits of the digital transformation

To introduce employees to the digital transformation, Deutsche Bahn uses gamification and storytelling. Developed for smartphones, this learning experience encourages every employee to develop their own ideas and contribute to the company’s digital transformation.

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BayernLB: A Training Platform that Takes You to The K2 Summit

Change management: this custom-made platform offers more than 15 web-based trainings to educate and motivate employees for a new SAP-based finances software.

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Costa: A Sea Voyage of Discovery

Travel agents get to learn everything about the Costa fleet and products on six exciting routes. Awarded the “E-Learning Award” in the category Gamification.

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Depot: Heartbeat

Awarded the “E-Learning Award”, this training offers game-based learning on smartphones. A fun way to enhance service and sales skills.

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In seven tailor-made web-based trainings, employees, executives and HR staff are introduced to performance and talent management.

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Lufthansa Cabin Service

Customized for flight attendants and pursers, this online training provides specific content on cabin service features and service facilities on board.

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BOSS Womenswear

Combining sales training, product training and brand experience, this training course ignites the sales staff’s excitement for BOSS Womenswear.

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Case study on software trainings

Our interactive software simulations first show and explain the most important click paths. In the next step, users get to click through the program themselves. This is true learning by doing.

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NEW: E-learning courses for the digital transformation

“More than 60% of employees are not sufficiently trained to face the digitalization.”

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Agile development and e-learning?

It’s no secret that agile workflows offer many benefits.
Did you know that the positive insights from agile software development can be applied to creating e-learning projects as well?

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