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hydra expands Sony Ericsson’s retail portal
Stuttgart, 21 Nov. 2011 hydra newmedia, a Stuttgart-based specialist for digital branding, is expanding the Sony Ericsson retailer platform “insider+”. The e-learning portal is the central contact point for all Sony Ericsson retailers worldwide and provides a comprehensive, localised service in 30 languages. Recently-added languages include Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew. hydra has developed the portal and also operates it. The specialist for digital branding has been supporting Sony Ericsson in retailer communication since 2007.

insider is Sony Ericsson’s central retail portal. It provides comprehensive information on all of Sony Ericsson’s products as well as direct access to customer support. In addition, insider gives retailers an interactive e-learning platform: insider+. This is where product benefits come alive in a genuine online experience which assists retailers in better explaining the product and selling it. Retailers also take part in an incentive programme on insider+ and win attractive prizes.

Benoit Obadia, Sony Ericsson Global Retail Marketing Manager:

hydra has supported us for many years in retailer communication. With insider+, they succeeded in creating a communication platform which has been enthusiastically accepted by retailers.

But what makes online trainings successful? Frank Pomereinke, one of the founders of the e-learning specialist hydra:

It’s all about creating an experience that motivates the retailers. When it comes to the latest Sony Ericsson products, we tell stories, use simulations, videos or interactive animations. We try not only to educate, but to inspire the retailers. This enthusiasm enables them to better present the products to consumers – and of course, better sell them.

insider+ is updated regularly and is only available to registered retailers. The database features a variety of reporting options to fine-tune the portal for future success.

About hydra newmedia:

hydra newmedia is a digital media agency. It specialises in online product experience, branding and retail communication. All across the sales cycle – from acquisition to customer loyalty – hydra primarily focuses on putting products centre stage. E-learning, too, can be a rewarding experience. Retailers around the world use hydra’s innovative online training for efficient product training and sales promotion – on the computer, tablet or smartphone.
hydra’s customers include Sony Ericsson, Schuberth, Daimler, Toshiba, Infront Sports & Media, FIBT, Lunar Europe, Stepstone Solutions and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

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