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hydra gives new design
Stuttgart, 13.01.2012 – Advertising agency hydra newmedia has developed a new website for Schuberth GmbH, the market leader for head protection systems. As a specialist for digital brand management, hydra has been providing Schuberth with support since 2007. The new website has now gone online – with a localised offering in six languages.

Schuberth GmbH is the leading manufacturer of head protection systems in the motorcycle, industrial safety, fire fighting, police and military segments, as well as for Formula 1. The Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus Renault drivers, for instance, all put their trust in Schuberth’s specially developed Formula 1 helmets. The company develops and produces its products in Germany – and delivers them to 55 countries all over the world. In future, Schuberth will be giving even greater priority to internationalisation. The new website fulfils a key function in this process: besides the integrated online shop, it offers a wide variety of additional information, in particular on the popular topic of Formula 1 racing.

Timo Schneider, Schuberth GmbH’s Online project manager, is enthusiastic about the new website:

With hydra newmedia we found a partner that understood exactly what we wanted for our web site. Especially the combination of brand design with web site functionality was really nicely implemented. Within the project we could always count on the flexibility and quick reaction of the hydra team– a great project thanks to a great team.

hydra’s job was to take the motorcycle sector as its starting point and develop an emotional website that can then be rolled-out for all business areas one after another. With a revised navigation structure and reduced information levels the product takes centre stage and the various business sectors are more clearly differentiated. Schubert can manage the website content itself using Typo3.

The exciting redesign of is the core element of the Magdeburg company’s new corporate identity. hydra’s art director Daniel Gebhard explains the concept behind the website:

The new design transports the 70-year-long tradition of this leading company whilst simultaneously conveying Schubert’s innovativeness and dynamism. The website makes Schuberth tangible – as a successful premium brand that is very much in tune with the times.

About hydra newmedia:

hydra newmedia is a digital media agency. It specialises in online product experience, branding and retail communication. All across the sales cycle – from acquisition to customer loyalty – hydra primarily focuses on putting products centre stage. E-learning, too, can be a rewarding experience. Retailers around the world use hydra’s innovative online training for efficient product training and sales promotion – on the computer, tablet or smartphone.
hydra’s customers include Sony Ericsson, Schuberth, Daimler, Toshiba, Infront Sports & Media, FIBT, Lunar Europe, Stepstone Solutions and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

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