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hydra develops edutainment platform for software training
Stuttgart, 29.04.2013 – Advertising agency hydra newmedia is developing a partner certification platform for incadea. The global market leader in car dealer management applications is relying on the Stuttgart agency’s expertise for the launch of its new training concept. In future, incadea will thus be putting greater emphasis on centrally controlled online learning.

incadea GmbH is the leading provider of software solutions for car dealers and importers. Thanks to its tried and trusted focus on this particular sector, incadea is the provider of choice for major international automakers – and their dealership networks. The company has a presence in 80 countries and supports a growing community of 55,000 users in more than 2,000 dealerships. Providing face-to-face in-house training for the new software and certifying partners, national subsidiaries and dealers represents considerable organisational challenges for the company.The introduction of web-based training is now set to make software tuition more efficient and flexible. In addition, the platform also means a complex subject can be subdivided into smaller course units, allowing users to work through the individual modules at their own speed.

Martin Eymer, Creative Director at hydra newmedia:

Transforming the complex and extensive compulsory training courses into an interesting, clearly structured learning experience was an important part of the concept for the new platform. An attractive context and a little bit of competition helps to keep the platform user motivated all the way through the certification process.

With this in mind, the training for the new software has been given a special overarching campaign: the i-team. The idea is that five incadea employees represent the five certification paths Consulting, Sales, Training, Development and Support. They lead the users through the various training units and give the company a more personal face.

At the heart of the new platform is a specially developed Learning Management System (LMS), based on TYPO3, which also provides extensive reporting. The LMS allows incadea to create the individual training units independently and compile them in different training modules. A big pool of pre-produced elements is available for the creation of the modules, thus helping to ensure the platform meets another important requirement: an appealing and consistent visual language. In addition, live online sessions can be integrated as part of the training and are subsequently available as a recording. Dimitra Dimitropoulou, Chief Services Officer at incadea:

The new training portal enables us to train and certify our partners faster and more efficiently – with very different areas of emphasis and levels of knowledge. At the same time, it gives us a better indication of how successful the training really is. That makes the platform an extremely effective tool for us. With hydra newmedia, we’ve found a partner that is able to translate our complex requirements into a consistent solution.

About hydra newmedia:

hydra newmedia is a digital media agency. It specialises in online product experience, branding and retail communication. All across the sales cycle – from acquisition to customer loyalty – hydra primarily focuses on putting products centre stage. E-learning, too, can be a rewarding experience. Retailers around the world use hydra’s innovative online training for efficient product training and sales promotion – on the computer, tablet or smartphone.
hydra’s customers include Sony Mobile, Garmin, Schuberth, BayernLB, Daimler, Toshiba, Infront Sports & Media, FIBT, Lunar Europe, Stepstone Solutions,Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and others.

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