What’s it all about?

This learning management system (LMS) was custom-made for AIDA. While working on the online course “AIDAnova”, we created an LMS based on the platform “Moodle”.

Our LMS for AIDA is fast and lean. After all, a learning platform is supposed to make learning accessible and should not give rise to additional obstacles. That’s why it only takes a few clicks for the user to get from the login page to the AIDAnova learning experiences.

For an additional boost of motivation, the LMS also includes a progress report because users need to collect hearts inside the e-learning course in order to complete it. After successfully finishing the training course, learners can download the corresponding certificate from the LMS.

The LMS design corresponds to the look and feel of our AIDAnova WBTs. Future training courses can be implemented on the platform as well.

Supporting the launch of this LMS, a mailing was sent to prospective users. An integrated raffle served as an additional incentive.

Access to the LMS is only available for AIDA travel agents.

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