What’s it all about?

What’s the best way to manage a fleet of several thousand vehicles? We’ve defined a solution to this question for car2go: the web-based vehicle management platform VLM (Vehicle Lifecycle Management). In this application all vehicle data is managed via a graphical interface and is stored in a central database. From procurement data and basic information to vehicle equipment and financing, the application records over 170 pieces of individual data throughout the entire lifecycle.

Single Source of Truth
VLM is the central point which stores the data of all vehicles and keeps it up-to-date at all times (Single Source of Truth). Other applications and processes can access this data via a REST-interface. Data integrity is ensured by atomic processing.

Agile Development
VLM was developed with Scrum. According to the procurement department at Daimler, we were the first company who received a Scrum project agreement with Daimler. Our inhouse software team has several years of experience in agile software development. Other Scrum projects we carried out include PMM and car2go cares.

Client Feedback
To our clients, the quality of the process was just as important as the success of the product:

This is a prime example of a great job, professional attitude and a team that’s passionate about what they do. Kudos and keep up the great work, everyone!

Christoph Dargel, Product Owner car2go

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