Industry example: Travel/Tourism

The task

Many international tourism companies like Costa face the following questions:

1. How can staff in travel agencies be trained through e-learning courses in the best possible way?

2. What’s the best way to convey the diverse learning content (information on travel, ships, destinations, special offers, etc.)?

3. How can users be motivated to learn if participating in e-learning is voluntary?

The solution: Gamification

People don’t like boring e-learning courses. But everybody loves entertainment, games and excitement. Presented as an attractive game, learning is fun – and happens quite naturally. Therefore, Gamification or Serious Gaming aims at learning as an EXPERIENCE. However, such a motivating learning experience is only achieved through the interplay of different aspects:

  • An attractive game idea
  • Diverse tasks of varying complexity
  • Rewards and positive feedback for solving tasks
  • Challenges and rewards should be kept well-balanced for learners
  • Inspirational implementation: attractive design, numerous interactions and animations
  • Intuitive, unrestricted usability

The implementation

For Costa and other well-known travel companies, hydra has implemented several learning experiences. Each game has its own game idea and its own navigation concept as outlined by these examples:

Some of our gamification e-learning courses have been designed as a blended learning campaigns with classroom training and other events.
A customized learning portal provides information about all learning activities and events.


For our travel agents it was a completely new experience that e-learning can be so much fun. The fact that our learners voluntarily spent an average of over 20 minutes on a training course shows how well these courses are accepted.


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