What’s it all about?

How can you spark retailers’ enthusiasm for new products? How can you make use of current trends in technology to boost user experience? Our comprehensive experience bundle invites retailers to explore the innovations of HUAWEI P20 Pro offline and online.

The training material consists of the custom-designed “Next Generation Experience” demonstration box, the progressive web app (PWA) with its conversational user interface, and a VR application.

The overarching theme reflected in all parts of the experience bundle is based on HUAWEI’s campaign concept “building a better connected world.” The camera features of the HUAWEI P20 Pro series enhance the user’s digital vacation trip through Europa’s most popular cities.

For retailers, this journey starts offline, with the “Next Generation Experience” demonstration box. Here, sales staff can try out the low-light features of the smartphone camera by taking pictures of the darkened inside of the box. A typical Italian vespa can be discovered in there.

To ensure a smooth transition from the demonstration box to the PWA, retailers receive customized flight tickets at the POS. The QR code printed on the tickets leads users directly to the PWA. There, our conversational interface “Insights Spark” welcomes users and acts as their tour guide. The PWA lets users explore two areas: a general part introducing the features of the new products and an experience part focusing on the camera capabilities. On their journey, users can collect in-game miles and use them to secure their rank in the leader board. If you make it to the top, you get the chance to win one of the new phones.

Gamification is part of the VR application as well. Here, users start in outer space and follow Spark on a journey through European cities. The 360° videos allow users to take in the scenery while exploring the features of the new phones. For example, they get to take pictures of a night scene of Amsterdam’s canals.

The VR app was designed for smartphones and the bundle even provides a customized VR cardboard box featuring the HUAWEI design.

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