What’s it all about?

Selling eyewear requires sales staff to focus on aspects which differ greatly from usual customer consultations. This is the reason why sales staff rarely integrate eyewear into a consultation. How can we help them gain confidence when incorporating eyewear into customer interactions?

The online training provides exemplary sales situations. This structure guides users through the different chapters: Which frame is best for every face shape? Which materials fulfill the customer’s wishes and requirements? What tips are there for a successful sales conversation? In the end, the goal is to find “The Magic 3” — three suitable models — for each customer.

Topics are broken down into easy-to-learn steps, while explorative interactions and visually appealing designs communicate the content
• Focus on the essential learning goals for each stage of the consultation
• Unique visual language thanks to a project-specific photo shoot
• Highly relevant to staff’s everyday life due to authentic sales scenarios
• Know-How-Check at the end of the training to test user knowledge

This e-learning is available for registered users only.

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