What’s it all about?

HUGO BOSS sales associates have the knowledge on how to offer excellence customer service. In the e-learning course “7 Steps To Sales Success”, they’ve learned the basics. But how can they take their sales success to the next level?
As an answer to this challenge, our e-learning series “Circle of Pros” is based on microlearning principles. Training contents are split into motivational, diverse nuggets that only take a few minutes to complete. From basic information to quizzes, games and other modules, the learning nuggets present diverse content. Learners get to decide for themselves when to view which content.
Looking at sports pros sponsored by HUGO BOSS, such as sailing champion Alex Thomson, we were inspired to enhance the training series with storytelling. After all, pro athletes and sales staff need the same skills to be successful: passion, performance, the right technique, and an unshakable dedication to achieve their goals. Each course in the series is hosted by a different sports pro. For example, Thomson introduces sales staff to the topics “Team Selling” and “Multiple Selling”. After completing all courses in the series, the user becomes a member in the fictitious “Circle of Pros.”

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