What’s it all about?

App beats paper: Now flight attendants and pursers can receive digital feedback to improve their services. A new app-based performance management system will be implemented in the cabin areas of the hubs at Frankfurt and Munich. The new my360° app will replace the paper-based feedback process for evaluating Lufthansa employees‘ service quality.

Besides the introduction of the new process and new content, the topic „Change Management“ is a central part of the project. The new my360° Feedback Process is conveyed in two online trainings. The initial training focuses on values and feedback culture. The advanced training explains the topic „Perception/Assessment“ in detail.

• Create an innovative learning experience with sustainable learning success
• Two separate trainings that are based on each other in content and visuals
• Get employees enthusiastic about the new feedback culture
• Raise flight attendants‘ and pursers‘ awareness for using my360° in their daily lives
• Depict feedback process in the new app

Unfortunately, the E-learning is only available to registered users.

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