What’s it all about?

Cruising toward the future. AIDAnova, the new cruise liner of the AIDA fleet, celebrates her maiden voyage at the end of 2018. Our mission: let travel agency employees experience the new flagship in a way that empowers them to consult and persuade their customers optimally.

Discover the highlights
On board of AIDAnova, customers will find a range of fascinating highlights. That’s why we titled the training “Fall in love with AIDAnova.” Each highlight is presented on a dedicated page. Exciting pictures and videos let learners immerse themselves in the world of AIDAnova. For this reason, users can hide the texts to-be-read-out, and just focus on the audio content to let the highlights work their magic.

Target groups and learning styles
The challenge: travel agency employees need diverse sales arguments to reach and persuade different customer types. Additionally, different learning styles should be addressed to boost users’ enthusiasm for the new ship.
The solution: A custom-made navigation concept in three parts. Learners can access the contents via the ship cross section, the topic overview, or the customer target groups. This structure provides users with exactly the right sales argument for their customers.

Collect hearts and win
True to the main idea “Fall in love with AIDAnova”, hearts can be collected from every highlight. As an additional gamification element, quizzes are scattered throughout the training course and reward users with bonus hearts.
Game completion is structured in two stages. After the user has gathered a certain amount of hearts, they receive a certificate. If the user manages to collect all hearts, they become eligible to participate in a raffle.

More AIDAnova projects
Travel agency employees can access the web-based training in the custom-made LMS that was launched at the same time as the training. (More about AIDA LMS) Furthermore, this web-based training was designed with AIDAnova crew members in mind: It only required minor changes to adapt the training as a module for the AIDAnova Crew Training. (More about the Crew Training)

We are proud to announce that the training for travel agency employees gained such great popularity with users that it became part of the internal training for AIDA employees as well.

This is how the content of a WBT (web-based training) can be used for three different target groups and use cases.

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