What’s it all about?

Over the next years, mobility will continue to evolve: How will these developments affect the interaction between driver and vehicle? To answer this question, we developed two UX-concepts for the department „Research and Development / User Interface Functions” at Daimler.

1. Driver assistance

How can we present complex topics in an intuitive, easy-to-understand and readily accessible way?


  • Introduce drivers to new technology and new functions
  • Create a clear information architecture
  • Direct drivers‘ attention purposefully
  • Innovative user guidance and data visualization
  • Deliverables: interaction concept, design, simulation (video)
2. Head Unit to go

The new Head Unit will combine the car, the current Mercedes Services, and new functions. This combination will integrate in customers‘ everyday life even more.


  • Different drivers use a vehicle in different ways
  • Consider different access cases (at/in/to the car, at home, at the office, traveling, …)
  • Increase relevance via new services
  • Innovative user experience
  • Deliverables: interaction concept, design, simulation (video)

Personas with their ideal-typical daily routines were created. Based on this, different use cases were mapped out and touch points of the application were identified.

Concept focus areas:
The following aspects were especially emphasized.

  • Situational: The application recognizes the usage scenario and dynamically adjusts its situational area.
  • Individual: The app recognizes users‘ roles and habits and flexibly adjusts its functionalities and information architecture.
  • Seamless: Functionalities and UI accompany the user seamlessly across devices.
  • Touch points: The application increases in relevance because of numerous touchpoints that occur throughout users‘ daily routines.
  • Smart: The application gathers information on users‘ individual behavior. A smart assistant, similar to a conversational interface, supports users based on the collected information. For example, the assistant suggests functions and content that the user is likely to require.

Deliverables: concept of the application, design, simulation (animation), teaser video

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