What’s it all about?

What will the car-sharing app of the future look like if the vehicles to rent are driving fully autonomously?
This project with Daimler AG is all about the topic “future mobility”. After all, “sharing” and “autonomous driving” are crucial components of the corporate strategy at Mercedes-Benz.
The objective of the project was to create a car-sharing app for fully autonomously driving cars. For this purpose, we developed a prototype (MVP). First, its core functions mapped out the process of renting a car: from locating the closest available car, choosing and booking to live tracking and arrival of the selected vehicle. This initial prototype was run using simulated data.
The interface was constantly refined until the app prototype was able to map all functions of the car rental process. Having developed the prototype up to this status, we could use it on a testing ground. An interface connected our app to the system back end of the testing vehicle. We successfully ordered the fully autonomously driving testing rental to the desired location. Additionally, the app prototype used live tracking to display the route and correctly calculated the time of arrival of the car.

The app prototype is only available for registered users.

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