What’s it all about?

Safety first, that‘s the most important rule when you‘re operating a forklift. Therefore, forklifts need to be checked according to various safety criteria before they can be used within a plant. At Daimler, this type of safety check used to be performed with a printed list that had to be filled in by hand and then filed in archive folders. To adjust this analogous process to the digital transformation, a responsive web app developed by hydra was demanded.

Safety awareness, IT knowledge and passion for creating a practical application as part of the digital transformation were the foundation of this successful project.
During the development process our team built “Staplercheck” (“Forklift Check”), a responsive web app tailor-made according to the requirements at the Daimler plant. After all the app had to be time-efficient, intuitive to use and easily readable even in challenging lighting environments. Available for the industrial handheld by Zebra and for regular smartphones, the application needed to give access to Daimler employees only. Another important component was implemented according to the wish for an easy way of tracking. Additionally, administrators at Daimler needed to be able to manage users, plants and forklifts.

Agile development in close cooperation with our Daimler contact
“Staplercheck” was developed according to Scrum principles. This meant that the Daimler Project Manager was part of our team from the start and was actively involved in the creation of the app.
Special benefit during the development process: A forklift user from the plant provided first-hand feedback regularly.

Core functionalities of the “Staplercheck” web app

  • Clear and simple click-through safety check for forklifts
  • Automated maintenance e-mail after the inspection process
  • Archive: Monthly overview sorted by days and shifts incl. detailed reporting of forklift checks
  • Access control: Activation of users at plant level
  • Administrators can add or delete forklifts at individual plants
  • Definition of work shifts (early, late and night shifts) per day at plant level
  • Login via Daimler account

At first, the web app will only be released for one plant. Additional plants will follow.

Client feedback
The key factor for success was the close cooperation between the Daimler contact and the hydra development team:

Creating a product of such outstanding quality was only possible thanks to the team’s professional expertise and the great communication throughout the development of the project. Thank you for all of this.

Mike Fischer, Project Manager

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