What’s it all about?

The task and the challenge
Deutsche Bahn has recognized the opportunities of digital transformation. The company has entered into a process of long-term change which will affect all of its business units and its 260,000 employees.
The main objective of our training is to show the opportunities of digital transformation. Furthermore, the e-learning aims at addressing potential employee fears. This approach inspires a positive attitude towards digital transformation. Learners are encouraged to utilize their own skillsets and to get motivated to partake in the ongoing process of change.

The training: Gamification, storytelling and mobile first
We used the mobile-first approach to ensure that all employees could access the training – also those without a PC workstation. When designing the 90-minute training, we placed the highest priority on making it as motivational and diverse as possible.
A friendly host guides learners through the training. On their way, users meet representatives from the 9 sectors of digital transformation, while collecting “Future Energy.”
Diverse information modules – such as audio presentations, interactive text galleries, quizzes and specifically produced video interviews with DB employees – encourage discovery, learning and participation.

Process and agile development
The entire training was created within only a few months and in close cooperation with DB Training, Learning & Consulting, as well as the DB Akademie. At a company-wide DB meeting, we had the opportunity to present a prototype of the training to a large number of DB employees. After prototype approval, subsequent chapters were developed simultaneously. Usability testing was carried out to ensure the best possible user-friendliness for our heterogeneous target group.

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