What’s it all about?

Concerning carsharing, the crucial question is: How can customers be provided with vehicles exactly where they are needed? Unfortunately, car2go vehicles are too often parked in areas where they are not in demand at that moment. The solution to this problem is relocalization: mobile teams drive the vehicles from “cold” zones right to the hotspots where vehicles are in high demand.
For this approach the underlying intelligence is key: How can such “hot” and “cold” zones be defined? How do these zones change during different times and weekdays? And most importantly: How can all of this be managed?

Our approach
The answer to this problem is a comprehensive web-based application custom-made for carsharing zones and developed in an agile process.

Prototype and MVP
In the beginning there were a prototype and an MVP (minimal viable product). Despite its minimum of functions, the MVP was entirely convincing – and paved the way for the comprehensive development of the final application.

The implementation was carried out by using a stack of the latest technology for optimal performance, availability and scalability (see below).

Core Functionalities:
• Management of zone types in different car2go cities
• Creating and editing zones via interface (API), import (JSON) or direct drawing on a map
• Management of zone types (creating new types, editing types with different specifications), e.g. for time and capacity management
• Algorithm for highlighting vehicles to be repositioned (depending on the settings of the zone itself, the number of vehicles inside the zone, and the distance between the vehicles in the zone, or the distance to the neighboring zone)
• History (roll back to previous versions of a zone)

Agile Development
The project was entirely developed according to Scrum. Our inhouse software team has several years of experience in agile software development. Other Scrum projects we carried out include VLM and car2go cares.

Client Feedback
The client was delighted with the product success and the quality of the process.

The project turned out incredibly awesome, really awesome! Thank you so much for everything!!

Björn Möller, Product Owner car2go

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