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Digitalization presents companies with many challenges, but it also offers great opportunities and new perspectives. The key question to consider is: how can new digital products and services generate sales growth and keep businesses competitive? Other objectives include improving customer loyalty, enhancing customers’ experiences, as well as reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

Our solutions answer the following questions

  • What opportunities does the digital transformation offer to you – and how can it help you stay competitive?
  • How can digital products and services expand your portfolio?
  • How can you learn more about your customers’ or your employees’ expectations?
  • How can digital tools support a new corporate culture, improve team spirit and support a new way of working?
  • How can you prepare your employees for the digital transformation? How can knowledge management be used for employee training?


car2go: Control Module for Carsharing Zones

This web-based application for carsharing zones makes carsharing more efficient. Made with prototyping (MVP) and agile development.

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car2go: Vehicle-Management Platform

A central platform for managing the entire fleet of car2go throughout its complete life cycle. Agile development ensures high availability and scalability.

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Lufthansa: Performance Management my360°

A new feedback app allows Lufthansa employees to improve upon their service skills. Our training focuses on the topics “Feedback Culture” and “Perceptions and Assessments.”

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BayernLB: A Training Platform that Takes You to The K2 Summit

Change management: this custom-made platform offers more than 15 web-based trainings to educate and motivate employees for a new SAP-based finances software.

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