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Agile methods and Scrum are the cornerstones of our software and platform development. This approach enables us to test the most important functions early on during the prototyping phase (MVP). Since 2015, our software developers have been using agile methods exclusively, while applying innovative and state-of-the-art technologies (e.g., AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, Docker and more).

Our solutions answer the following questions

  • How can experimental and agile applications (BiModal architecture) enrich an already-existing IT setup?
  • What is the optimal setup for projects focused on transformation?
  • In terms of information security and data protection, which criteria must be met to make sure that projects following an agile approach also comply with data protection requirements?
  • Which digital processes support the development of new workflows? What’s the best digital infrastructure to accomplish this?


You can get tailor-made solutions from us. Because cloud services (e.g. Google Cloud Platform) are part of our development process, you’ll benefit from optimized scalability and reduced development efforts.


According to your requirements, we are using technologies from VMs and Kubernetes to Serverless Deployment (e.g. Cloud Functions) to deploy your application into the cloud – safe, cost-efficient and scalable.

Our strengths in detail:

To achieve the optimal outcome for your project, we’re constantly striving to get even better, for example through continuous training measures. We always keep our minds open for new technologies.

Additional technologies:

For our clients, the success of the product is just as important as professional teamwork based on an agile approach:

This is a prime example of a great job, professional attitude and a team that’s passionate about what they do. Kudos and keep up the great work, everyone!

Christoph Dargel, Product Owner car2go


Daimler GSPwe: Connected to Win

How can you find the colleague with the perfect skillset and experience for the upcoming project on a global scale? Our app prototype for Daimler is the innovative answer to this question.

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Daimler: The digital transformation of safety

Our responsive web app for checking forklift safety replaces the printed list in the plant of Daimler.

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car2go: Control Module for Carsharing Zones

This web-based application for carsharing zones makes carsharing more efficient. Made with prototyping (MVP) and agile development.

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car2go: Vehicle-Management Platform

A central platform for managing the entire fleet of car2go throughout its complete life cycle. Agile development ensures high availability and scalability.

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Daimler Robotaxi

From calling the vehicle to dropping it off at the destination, this app prototype (MVP) covers all use cases of autonomous carsharing.

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Agile projects for learning and marketing

The positive insights gathered from agile software development processes can be applied to other projects as well. By agreement with our clients, we also execute e-learning and marketing projects by using agile methods. The main benefits? Individual modules are finalized faster, and we are significantly more flexible when it comes to defining or changing content.

car2go: car2go cares

Made using agile methods, this app features special car2go vehicles marked with a heart. Every reservation of these special car2go vehicles generated donations for a good cause.

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Sony Insider platform

This is the central e-learning hub of Sony mobile. Packed with more than 50 web-based trainings, the platform caters to retailers worldwide. Users learn the best ways to let customers experience new product benefits.

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incadea e-learning platform

This complex training platform is packed with web-based training courses, live sessions and online tests – customized for different target groups and levels.

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