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To keep users invested, digital services and products require intuitive design and should ideally ignite user enthusiasm. Positive experiences with products or services turn customers into satisfied and loyal clients, who then become brand ambassadors and influencers in their social and professional circles. This is how UX design contributes to the success of a project.

Our solutions answer the following questions

  • How can digital applications be transformed into experiences?
  • What early tests can you use to predict a product’s market opportunities?
  • What’s the journey from an idea to a fully functional prototype/MVP?
  • How can you make the most of an application you’re already using?
  • How can you simplify a complex user interface?
  • Which tools can be used to boost productivity in a company?
  • Which features and services will customers want to use?


Case Study: Virtual Reality Learning Experience

This immersive showcase lets users experience the future of after sales in 3D. It also illustrates the potential of virtual reality for best learning experiences.

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Daimler: Pilot project UX 2025

In this pilot project for Daimler, we are offering UX and design solutions for the mobility of the future.

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Daimler Robocab

From calling the vehicle to dropping it off at the destination, this app prototype (MVP) covers all use cases of autonomous carsharing.

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Deutsche Bahn: Benefits of the digital transformation

To introduce employees to the digital transformation, Deutsche Bahn uses gamification and storytelling. Developed for smartphones, this learning experience encourages every employee to develop their own ideas and contribute to the company’s digital transformation.

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Depot: Heartbeat

Awarded the “E-Learning Award”, this training offers game-based learning on smartphones. A fun way to enhance service and sales skills.

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Lufthansa Cabin Service

Customized for flight attendants and pursers, this online training provides specific content on cabin service features and service facilities on board.

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BOSS Womenswear

Combining sales training, product training and brand experience, this training course ignites the sales staff’s excitement for BOSS Womenswear.

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